“What’s Your Shopping Joy?” brand campaign

PROBLEM: Online shopping habits boomed after pandemic lockdowns. Morguard needed to reignite the joy of in-person shopping at their new Family Cluster of 8 centers.

SOLUTION: We launched the "What's Your Shopping Joy?" campaign, sparking excitement with a captivating gallery of 18 images (generating 143 million media impressions!). Three engaging phygital promotions (activated by QR code scans) further boosted in-mall experiences during peak shopping times. Additionally, we made mall gift card purchases more convenient by moving them from customer service centers to dedicated kiosks.

RESULTS: The campaign surpassed expectations! Sales surged by 12%, while foot traffic jumped a remarkable 26%. Phygital promotions were a hit, generating a massive 13,367 engagements. And by making gift cards more accessible, sales soared by an impressive 47%.

What we did
  • Social Media
  • Branding Strategy
  • Social media growth tools
  • Community Management on Social Media

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