Structube Opening Cambridge Centre

PROBLEM: Generating excitement and awareness for Structube’s grand opening at Cambridge Centre posed a challenge. The goal was to seamlessly integrate the brand into both the local community and online platforms. Targeting upper-middle-income families, who are active consumers of home furnishings and digital media, required a strategic approach to capture their attention and engagement.

SOLUTION: To address this, a strategic social media contest, "This or That: Structube Style Showdown," was launched. Utilizing Instagram and Facebook, the contest engaged the target audience by pitting pairs of Structube products against each other. This approach not only highlighted the brand's stylish home furnishings but also catered to the audience's preference for choice. Through this contest, Structube successfully generated buzz, increased brand visibility, and built anticipation for its grand opening at Cambridge Centre.

RESULTS: The "This or That: Structube Style Showdown" campaign was highly successful, garnering 21k impressions and reaching 10k profiles across Facebook and Instagram. The campaign achieved an impressive 37% engagement rate, with 920 comments and 29 shares. This effectively heightened anticipation for Structube's grand opening at Cambridge Centre, solidifying the brand's presence and fostering community engagement.

What we did
  • Social Media
  • Branding Strategy
  • Social media growth tools
  • Community Management on Social Media
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