PROBLEM: Morguard sought to increase shopper engagement and foot traffic across their diverse portfolio of centres with a universal solution suitable for all sizes of malls.

‍SOLUTION: To achieve this, we orchestrated a series of innovative digital activations in the form of interactive games tailored for Spring, Back-to-School, and Holiday seasons. These games included a digital spin wheel, instant win hopscotch, locker surprise, and a Naughty or Nice instant win game. Shoppers eagerly participated by scanning QR codes to play and uncover exciting prizes. The digital spin wheel, interactive hopscotch, and locker surprise attracted significant attention, providing shoppers with immersive experiences while driving traffic to key areas within the shopping centers.

RESULTS: The results were remarkable. The campaign generated 241,000 website page views, with 30,400 game views and an impressive 16,200 game engagements. Additionally, there was a notable increase in mall foot traffic. DRH Group’s Phygital Gamified Activations ultimately contributed to a vibrant and dynamic shopping experience for Morguard patrons.

What we did
  • Social Media
  • Branding Strategy
  • Social media growth tools
  • Community Management on Social Media
  • Platform Management
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