Texting and Driving

PROBLEM: Every March Break, Pickering Town Centre (PTC) competes with regional rivals to attract visitors with trendy events and activities. To stand out, they needed a unique campaign that would drive significant traffic and sales.

SOLUTION: DRH Group took an unexpected approach. Instead of focusing on fun activities, they launched a powerful social awareness campaign called #live2see20. This campaign targeted teen drivers, a key demographic for PTC, by highlighting the dangers of texting and driving.

RESULTS: The campaign generated impressive reach, with 12 million media impressions. While the sales lift (0.1%) fell short of the initial objective, the campaign achieved significant social impact:

  • 1,500 teens visited the dedicated #Live2see20 lounge, potentially starting important conversations about safe driving.
  • 817 teens pledged to stop texting and driving, a positive step towards safer roads.

The campaign generated 2,290 social media engagements, indicating strong audience interaction.

What we did
  • Social awareness utilizing social media
  • Community Management

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