May 2023

What if your food court drove the growth next quarter?

What if your food court drove the growth next quarter?   Ready to consider your vendor and restaurant tenants in a whole new light???

We know that when the cost of goods and services rises, customers change how they spend and the types of goods they buy. 

For example, they may opt for cheaper products or goods instead of expensive alternatives and many of your fast-food tenants have introduced budget-friendly meal deals.  So why not take advantage?  

Customers will not stop making trips to shopping centres as long as value-for-money products are within their reach.  So drive traffic by whetting their appetite and wallet. 

Here’s some easy messaging for you!

At (enter your mall name here) with a vast array of budget-friendly food choices and diverse cuisines, join us tonight to experience flavours from different parts of the world in one place without breaking the bank!

Want some innovative execution support?  

Shoot us an email to!  We have a ton of ideas for you!

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